May 14, 2009

Father Jailed for Raping Underage Daughter (Malaysia)

The Stars
KUANTAN: A father of eight was yesterday sentenced to a total of 51 years in jail and 40 strokes of the rotan on two counts of raping his underage daughter.

Sessions Court judge Mohd Zamzani Mohd Zain handed down the sentences after the 37-year-old man pleaded guilty to raping his daughter at A-1, Lepar Utara 4 staff quarters between 2am and 2.30am on March 16, 2007.

The girl was 12 years and 10 months at that time. The man also admitted to raping his daughter at about the same time and place on Dec 15 last year when the girl was 13 years and seven months.

The court jailed him 25 years and ordered that he be given 20 strokes of the rotan on the first charge, and 26 years and 20 strokes on the second offence. The sentences were ordered to run consecutively.

The girl was the second of his eight children.

Earlier, the man’s eldest son pleaded guilty in the Juvenile Court to raping his younger sister (the same victim).

The 17-year-old boy admitted raping his sister at the same place on Sept 27 this year.

She was 14 years and four months at that time.

The court fixed Jan 6 next year for mention.
(ယုံၾကည္ခ်က္ ။ ။ မုဒိမ္းေကာင္ လူရမ္းကား ၀ါဒကုိ ေဒါသမထြက္ပါနဲ႔… ႏွိပ္ကြပ္ရလုိ႔လဲ ပီတိမျဖစ္ပါနဲ႔. . . ကုလားကုိလဲ လူမ်ဳိးေရး မႏွိပ္ကြပ္ပါနဲ႔ . . အဲဒါေတြက အက်ဳိးမရွိပါဘူး။ ယုတ္ညံ့သည့္ ၀ါဒဆုိးၾကီးကုိ ျဖဳိဖ်က္ေရးမွာ ခင္ဗ်ားကုိယ္တုိင္ အုတ္တစ္ခ်ပ္ သဲတစ္ပြင့္အျဖစ္ လုပ္ကုိင္ေရးက လက္ေတြ႔အက်ဆုံးျဖစ္ပါသည္ )

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